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Doctor's Note requirements

Answer:  Almost universally, people assume that the medical information they send to the insurance company is forwarded to the employer.  It is not. Because of privacy laws including the Human Rights Code your employer actually only has the right to know whether you are medically fit to work, any prognosis for your return and any accommodation that is required.  Don’t be frustrated with your employer. They knew none of the things you thought they did.  While there is no law requiring you to do so, I encourage employees to make duplicates of those forms that are sent to the insurance company and also send them to the employer.  If there is something extremely personal or sensitive don’t do it.  But otherwise there is never a down side in keeping the employer fully in the loop.   You don’t have to keep the employer in the picture but doing so will often make your return to work much easier.

Ed Canning
Ed Canning
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