I Have Multiple Wills. Is There a Problem with Them?

I Have Multiple Wills.  Is There a Problem with Them?

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Regulations can't prevent police racial profiling.

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NDP pilloried for punishing Hamilton human rights complaints.

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Toronto lawyers against proposed City council cut.

Setting up a family trust

I recently met with my accountant to have my tax return prepared – and he told me that I should consider having a family trust established in order to save some tax in future years.   He suggested that I speak with a tax lawyer.   How can I go about having a family trust set up?

I am the caregiver of a loved one, who has assured me that I will be taken care of when he or she passes on? Will that promise hold up?

Anyone can make a claim after a person has passed on that the deceased person made a verbal commitment of benevolence towards them. 

Should I act as a surety?

Like the phone-a-friend option on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you may be on someone’s short list in an emergency – except this time instead of helping your friend win money, you are putting your own finances on the line.

What can I do if I am not getting my inheritance when I should?

My parent just died.  My brother and I don’t really get along that well and he is the executor of the estate. 

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As workplace harassment allegations pile up, Hamilton NDP MPP's eye election calendar.