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Hamilton Employment Law

Ed Canning has been practicing exclusively in the areas of employment law and human rights for 23 years in the City of Hamilton, representing both employers and employees. For 20 years, he has been writing a bi-weekly column in The Hamilton Spectator on employment law and human rights issues that are of interest to both employers and employees. In this blog, you can have access to approximately 500 articles on various subject matters ranging from Employment Standards Act issues, wrongful dismissal issues to human rights issues.

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Blog Posts

Thoughtless termination provokes damage award

Todd was awarded $15,000 in aggravated damages as he had evidence of the anxiety and depression caused by treatment from an employer of 17 years, writes Ed Canning.

Judge delivers sweet justice to discriminatory employer

It is rare to find an employer quite stupid enough to reduce to writing its propensity toward age discrimination.

Employers beware: new legislation starting Jan. 1 makes employees out of contractors

Contractors will be entitled to statutory holiday pay, minimum wage, and vacation pay.

Employment law: Sexual harassment at the holiday party

Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable or harassed within their work environment.

Employment law: Different treatment not necessarily discrimination

One-standard-fits-all approach does not help us move forward toward a society that embraces true equality, writes Ed Canning.

Stigmatizing mental-health issues costly for car dealership

We would like to think a toxic work environment is a rarity in this day and age. Unfortunately, that is not the case, writes Ed Canning.

Constructive dismissal claims tricky

In a courtroom, the onus is on an employee to prove on a balance of probabilities they have been constructively dismissed. Success is not assured, writes Ed Canning.

Employment law: Assume you are being electronically monitored

As of Oct. 11, employers with more than 25 employees had to adopt a written policy, writes Ed Canning.

Q&A: Vacationing while off ill and harassment complaints

As an employer, you do not have the right to ask for a specific diagnosis, writes Ed Canning.

Terminate employees as nicely as possible

Employers should always put the feelings and dignity of the employee being terminated first, writes Ed Canning.