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Ed Canning has been practicing exclusively in the areas of employment law and human rights for 23 years in the City of Hamilton, representing both employers and employees. For 20 years, he has been writing a bi-weekly column in The Hamilton Spectator on employment law and human rights issues that are of interest to both employers and employees. In this blog, you can have access to approximately 500 articles on various subject matters ranging from Employment Standards Act issues, wrongful dismissal issues to human rights issues.

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Failure of the employer disclose can make it hard to prove inducement

No matter what the state of the economy, good employees are always hard to find.  Often, those candidates are already securely employed elsewhere. When an employer is trying to convince that candidate to jump ship and join their team, they need to be careful about what they say and what they fail to disclose.

What defines a contract?

Many employers believe that if they get into a court room fight with a former employee, the cards are stacked against them. While there is some truth to that assumption, it is never quite that simple.

Pay very close to your hiring letter and contract � it will save money in the long run

Just been offered a job with a new employer? Excited to be employed or moving on to greener pastures? Can’t wait to sign that offer letter? Please consider reading it before you sign.

Wrongful Hiring ? Employers must be careful

The hiring process is very much like a traditional courting ritual – human or animal. Chests are puffed up to exaggerate power and prestige. Weaknesses are downplayed, strengths are inflated.. Employees will always put the very best spin they can on the responsibilities they have held and their past achievements. Employers will continue to portray to all job candidates that it could not be a more secure and supportive environment in which to work. While this has always been so on both sides of the interview table, more often than not it is employers that pay the price if significant misrepresentations take place

How to avoid a claim of inducement

In this fairly healthy economy, employers are often offering positions to people who are already employed rather than the unemployed.

When Asking a Question can be Illegal

When can asking a simple question be illegal? When you are interviewing a prospective employee for a job.


The Ontario Human Rights Code’s prohibition against discrimination in the workplace begins at the point of hiring. Employers need to be very careful about the questions they ask and the comments they make in the hiring and interview process. “innocent” small talk can sink you.

Recruiting Smartly can Save Employers Money

The job market is pretty good right now for people with skills. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates for top end positions.