Addiction is a disability like any other

Alcohol and drug addiction are considered by the Ontario Human Rights Code to be a disability on the same footing as any physical impairment.  The Code requires employers to accommodate disabilities to the point of undue hardship.  

Termination while on Medical Leave

John is a labourer who we hired two months ago. He has been difficult from day one and is not the right fit for our team. Two days ago, I spoke with his direct supervisor and we made the decision to terminate his employment on Friday. Yesterday however, he did not attend work and provided a note from his physician saying he was on a medical leave of absence due to a disability for the next two weeks. Can we fire him or will it be a violation of his human rights?

Reporting Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

Our employee, Robert, has worked for us for two years. Robert is black and his supervisor, Kyle, iswhite.Recently therehasbeentensionin the workplace. Robert brought a complaint to human resources alleging that Kyle is targeting him because of his colour. We retained an outside investigator who spent three weeks looking into the allegations. It was determined that Robert’s allegations were unfounded, although made in good faith. We cannot allow loose allegations like this that cause disruption in the workplace.Our management team would like to fire Robert. Canwe do that?

Squatters Rights/Adverse Possession

My neighbour’s fence is on my side of the lot line. Should I be concerned? Will I lose my property tomy neighbour because of a squatters rights claim?

Small Claims Court Series – Part 4: Defence

This is Part 4 of our 9 part series on Small Claims Court proceedings. This week we will provide an overview of Defences:


Small Claims Court Series - Part 6: Default Judgment

A Defendant is required to serve and file a Defence within 20 days of being served with the Plaintiff’s Claim. If a Defendant fails to do so, the Plaintiff can obtain Default Judgment against the Defendant, which means judgment is granted to the Plaintiff.

Small Claims Court Series Part 3: How do I start a lawsuit in Small Claims Court?

You can sue people or businesses in the Small Claims Court provided the claim relates to the recovery of money, personal property or possessions, and is $25,000 or less.

Small Claims Court Series - Part 2: Steps in a Proceeding

Small Claims Court Series - Part 2: Steps in a Proceeding

Small Claims Court Series - Part 5: Defendant’s Claim

This is Part 5 of our 9-Part Series on Small Claims Court proceedings. Last week we provided an overview of Defences. This week we will be discussing a Defendant’s Claim: 

Sex Addiction Not a Defence

After retiring from the Air Force as an airplane mechanic, Mike got a job at an airport.  When he accepted the job, he was given a copy of the Code of Conduct which indicated that the employer defined harassment as any behavior, often recurrent in nature, which negates an individual’s dignity and the respect to which they are entitled because the behavior is offensive, embarrassing or humiliating.